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An animation studio dedicated to weaving stories of multidimensional heroines

Short Feature Films

La Parakata La Parákata is a short film about a girl, Aramara's, trip to Michoacán, Mexico. Though she feels like she does not belong, a young girl takes her to another world that makes the loss of her grandmother a reunion in her cultural homecoming.

Long Feature Films

Dream Once More Belgica is a 12 year girl who must venture out of her small town to break a curse that has hurt her family for six generations.

Digital Children's Books

Thunder's Roar Thunder's Roar is a story of two jaguars with rule over lighting and thunder.

about page Saludos! Paloma Velasco León is an interdisciplinary creative and a writer with deep roots in academic research for entertainment. She is often inspired by her wild childhood as the youngest of eight children, her multi-racial eight+ nephews and nieces, and her parents’ older immigrant generational stories from the 50s and onward. She is inspired by her syncretic Catholic upbringing, Purepecha history and other religious migration and indigenous histories in Latin America. She is very spiritual and descends from a long line of women with gifts that she weaves into new stories rooted in real events and fantasy to make new myths.